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HolanBra Foods BV is a trading company focused on importing food and food products and in particular Brazilian poultry and poultry products.

Our objective is to bring a small number of Brazilian producers, who do not (yet) have any formal EU-representation (such as own office), closer to the end-consumer (e.g. Industry; Retailers and Food Service)

We believe we can offer a differentiated service due to our know-how, contacts and our lean outfit and subsequent low overheads which give us a competitive edge.
We are looking to create a tangible asset in the form of licenses and other import quotas beneficial to both parties, which we wish to share.
Furthermore with a combined annual sales-and-logistics responsibility, previously, in excess of 75,000 tons and 28 years market experience we are convinced we have a solid market-background.


HolanBra Foods BV was founded in 2009 by:

Alexandre de Campos

Alexandre de Campos worked for Sadia for 9 years (and previously 12 years for Perdigao) as Director Europe, leading a team of 20 people and overseeing annual sales in excess of 150,000 tons.

Ron van Ool

Ron van Ool worked for Sadia for 8 years (and previously 8 years for Seara) responsible initially for managing Sadia sales in the UK and later coordinating the sales for both UK and Germany ( > 100,000Mt annually).

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